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Israel Air and Space Force (זרוע האויר והחלל / Zroa HaAvir VeHaḤalal)


unknown                  1        F-16I  IASF                   1.        
unknown (Nav/WSO)        1        F-16I  IASF                   1.
unknown                  1        F-16D  IASF      201 Tayeset  2.        
unknown (Nav/WSO)        1        F-16D  IASF      201 Tayeset  2.
unknown                  1        F-16C  IASF      117 Tayeset  3.        
unknown                  1        AH-64  IASF                   4.        
unknown (Nav/WSO)        1        AH-64  IASF                   4.
unknown                  1 U      F-15   IASF                   5.        
unknown                  1 U      F-15   IASF                   5.        

  • IASF : Israel Air and Space Force (זרוע האויר והחלל / Zroa HaAvir VeHaḤalal)
  • U : Unconfirmed
  • UAV : Unmanned Air Vehicle
  1. An Israel Air Force warplane on Thursday December 16th 2010 shot down an apparently unmanned balloon that flew over the Dimona nuclear reactor.
  2. The Israeli Air Force shot down an unidentified aerial vehicle that penetrated Israel's airspace on Saturday October 6th 2012. IDF forces shot down the drone over the Negev, south of Mount Hebron.
  3. At around 1.30 PM local time on Apr. 25, 2013, the Israeli Air Force (F-16D Block 52, 99-9413/YD-64, No. 844, 201 Tayeset) shot down an UAV (unmamned aerial vehicle) from Lebanon over the sea off Haifa, in norther Israel. An F-16C Block 30A (87-1661/4J-16, No. 340, 117 Tayeset) intercepted and downed the drone whose remains fell into the sea, at approximately 10 kilometers from the coastline, withinin Israel’s territorial waters, where Israeli warships are currently searching for debris.
  4. At 4:30 am on 10 February 2018, an Israeli AH-64 Apache helicopter shot down an Iranian produced copy of the RQ-170 drone (Saegheh (UAV)) near the northern town of Beit Shean. The Iranian drone was sighted taking off from a base in Syria, flew along the Jordanian border, and was intercepted 90 seconds after crossing the Israeli border.
  5. Two Israeli F-15Cs reportedly shot down two MiG-29As on 2 June 1989 under unclear circumstances.

General Dynamics F-16I ‘Sufa’
General Dynamics F-16I ‘Sufa’.

General Dynamics F-16I ‘Sufa’

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Sources & Literature
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Chel Ha'Avir (Israeli Defence Force / Air Force - IDF/AF) Aircrafts
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