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Post World War II Conflicts

NAME                              VICTORIES   UNIT   AIRFORCE  COMMENTS

Goatley, C.                           1       7 Sq.  RhoAF
Shaw, G.                              1       7 Sq.  RhoAF     gunner

  • The Alouette III lacked the aerobatic capabilities of more modern helicopters. Nevertheless, a Rhodesian Alouette, configured as a gunship or 'K-Car', flown by Charles Goatley, with Beaver Shaw manning the 20mm cannon, had the distinction of shooting down a Botswana Defence Force Islander on 9 August 1979. This happened when Goatley was covering a recovery by helicopters of troops from an external operation against a Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) base at Francistown.
  • RhoAF : Rhodesian Air Force

Air-to-Air Victories

Date Unit Aircraft Pilot Weapon Victim Country
09Aug1979 7 Sqn Alouette III C.Goatley
G. Shaw (gunner)
20mm Defender Botswana

Alouette III

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