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Operations in Angola

NAME                                          DESTROYED      DAMAGED    AIRFORCE

Serria, Eduardo Gonzalez                          1             -       FAPA-DAA
unknowf (pilot of MiG-21MF)                       1             -       FAPA-DAA
unknowf (pilot of MiG-21MF)                       1             -       FAPA-DAA
Rivas, Alberto Ley                                -             1       FAPA-DAA

Rivas victory is the only one fully and openly detailed by Cuban sources, although the DAAFAR Chief for 1987 - 1999, General de Division Ruben Martinez Puentes, declared that there had been several victories: "Our pilots shot down not just a few South African aircraft" (Luis Baez, Secretos de Generales, Editorial Si-Mar, S.A., La Habana 196, Pg. 236). For example, Teniente Coronel Eduardo Gonzalez Sarria, pilot of a MiG-23 claims having shot down a Mirage.
Russian and Polish sources also mention several victories for the Cuban MiG-23s. Vladimir Ilyn, a well known Russian author, specialized on the Russian TsAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute - a place to where information on the worldwide use of the MiGs is sent) assigns 3 victories for the MiG-23s in Angola (2 Mirage and 1 Impala) plus 1 Mirage that made it back to base, albeit damaged, but crashed upon landing (probably Piercy's), a total of 4 victories in 1987 - 1988. Other sources mention the rumor about the possible shooting down of a helicopter (supposedly a Puma or an Alouette III) by MiG-23, using R-60 in the border region with Namibia.

Urribarres, Rubén - Litle, Mike: The Cuban MiGs

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