Vietnam War

NAME                                VICTORIES                    AIRFORCE

Monirak, Sisowat                        1                        Aviation Royale Khmere  
  • On 21 March 1964 two Cambodian T-28Ds surprised a VNAF O-1 inside the Khmer airspace. The Cambodian flight leader, captain (Prince) Sisowat Monirak took a position behind the South Vietnamese and shot it down two miles inside South Vietnamese territory, killing the Vietnamese pilot and the US observer. Despite Cambodian propaganda presenting Prince Monirak as a hero, Sihanouk ordered the AVRK in the future not to pursue intruding aircraft over the border.

North American T-28D Trojan
North American T-28D Trojan, Cambodian Air Force - Aviation Royale Khmere (AVRK)

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